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 Rules for forum, website and in-game chat

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Rules for forum, website and in-game chat Empty
PostSubject: Rules for forum, website and in-game chat   Rules for forum, website and in-game chat Icon_minitimeSat Sep 20, 2008 11:03 am

This document will detail a guideline that all Members of the Alliance are expected to follow when interacting with Alliance Members. The key idea is for everyone to have fun, but without some rules in place we would be unable to maintain a fun atmosphere for all.
We encourage Alliance Members to play with other Alliance Members. Suggestions for events or anything else are welcome in our website forums. If you do play with other Alliance Members, please remember to put the group’s needs before your own. Designate a leader and follow their instructions on how to complete the task at hand. During events (Alliance or Guild Wars special events) please be respectful of your fellow Alliance Members. Do your part in the group. If you have to leave, please give a reason before you go, or let someone know why you had to go as soon as you are able (forum posts are acceptable). Have fun, just not at the expense of your teammates.
Alliance chat and forum
We ask that you show the same respect in forum as in Alliance chat and game play.

All posts seen as unsuitable will be deleted.

No swearing on forum will be permitted.

No abuse aimed at other memebrs.

Please remeber we have younger memebers using our forums.

As it says...ALL rules applied to Alliance apply to Forum also.!!

We encourage the use of Alliance chat by all Members of the Alliance. . Because we do not require the use of TeamSpeak or Ventrillo our primary means of inter-Guild in-game communication is Alliance chat. We do not tolerate spamming, racism, discrimination based on sex or politics or religion, flaming other Alliance Members, or foul language in Alliance chat. The purpose of the chat filter is to minimize the impact of people breaking these rules, not an indication that it is ok to use these words in-game.

Also out of respect for others we only allow English in Alliance chat.
Begging, trade, exploits
Exploitation of Guild Members or in-game players is not permitted and will result in disciplinary action as described in our Misconduct section below. Begging for gold or items from fellow Alliance Members in any way is strongly discouraged. Repeated violations may be grounds for reporting to that Member’s Guild Leader/Officers. Giving Alliance Members a chance to buy an item at a discount before you dispose of it by other means is allowed. Violation of the Guild Wars Rules of Conduct/User Agreement will be reported to Guild Wars Support as well as being subject to our Alliance procedures listed under our Misconduct section. Screen shots or multiple independent reports are necessary for action to be taken.
We do not, choose to monitor all potential in game activity, like in-game character names of Members for example. Please use the game related features to address any problems that are not addressed by our rules. It is, however, requested that existing members and recruiting officers keep in mind the sensitivities of our Alliance when considering in-game actions, and recruiting new members. Any Guild that is the source of enough dissention among other Alliance Guilds may be subject to being voted out of the Alliance.
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Rules for forum, website and in-game chat
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