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 Guild Hall drops

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Guild Hall drops Empty
PostSubject: Guild Hall drops   Guild Hall drops Icon_minitimeTue Sep 30, 2008 1:24 pm

Saturday 4.oktober I'm holding a Guid Hall drop night.

This is how we do it.
We meet in Imao guild hall,and set up a team of 8 players.
I take the team to a random guildhall.
There I run, and drops 7 items.
The team runs and find item, and bring them to me.
Its NOT allowed to use CTRL.

One of the items, are worth a price.
But you dont know which.
Only me, and a selected officer know wich one is the price item.

And rember its only for fun, and i have to trust u, not cheating.

If this sounds fun, meet in Imao guild hall, at 7pm (GMT)
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Guild Hall drops
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